Career Change delivers smiles

Kim Mann worked for UPS for 25 years. “It’s hard work, it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter and lots of heavy lifting, it was time to find something new to do,” she said. After tossing around some ideas with her coworkers, Mann decided to launch her own mobile shaved ice and snow cone business in the summer of 2017.
“The Shiver Shack is just a lot more fun,” said Mann. “Working with kids makes you feel good, to do work that makes people happy and smile.”
After attending one event with just a table and her ice machine, Mann quickly realized that set-up was not going to work. “I bought the silver 5×8 foot trailer and made it my own,” she said.
The Shiver Shack carries about 20 flavors. “I phase some in and some out, but I like to keep it where there are new flavors a lot of the time,” she said. “Kids can choose as many flavors as they like, you can do the rainbow or get just three or four flavors – whatever floats your boat.”
Gibbs Elementary School teacher, Mrs Loftin, has been a big supporter of the Shiver Shack. “She loves the pumpkin pie flavor I started in October and I’ve kept it ever since,” she said. “It’s great with the snow cream.”
The most popular flavor is “Tigers Blood” a strawberry coconut, then blue raspberry, next is blue cotton candy, then pink bubble gum and watermelon, according to Mann. Customers can sample any flavor.
New flavor combinations are in the works, right now Mann is perfecting a Harry Potter-themed butter brew.
Everybody loves the snow cream, said Mann. “Especially the banana, peaches and strawberry creams,” she said. “Some like it with cinnamon or nutmeg.” Candy sprinkles and sour spray are a fun final twist to any frozen treat.
Mann’s husband thought she was crazy splurging on color-changing spoons and straws. “The kids go crazy for them, I always say to save them for their cereal in the morning,” she said. “I don’t know anybody else that does it, but I like having fun.”
During the colder months, much to the delight of parents at a wet soccer game, she added coffee, hot Wassail cider and hot chocolate – served with whipped cream or marshmallows and a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg.
In the summer Mann makes freshly squeezed lemonade. “The lemonade can be served frozen or with the shaved ice,” she said. “Flavors like blue raspberry, mango or pineapple can be added, everything tastes better when it looks pretty.”
The Shiver Shack also serves as a concession stand at some events, with candy, chips and coolers filled with glass bottles of Coke, Fanta and Root Beer.
No child should miss out, according to Mann, and she has even created a code word for children to give if they cannot afford a Shiver Shack treat at a school event. “I don’t want to embarrass them, because they cannot afford one,” she said.
Mann loves participating in Harriman’s Medieval Faire, as well as at school field days, cross country and track meets and at fun runs. .
The Shiver Shack can also roll up to Vacation Bible Schools, and at fundraising events. “For fundraisers I can donate a certain percentage back,” she said. “I am able and willing to come anywhere people would love to have me.”
More:; 865-898-9527

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